The idea of building a campground came to my mind when our sweet little boy was born in 2010. I worked with my husband to operate a RV sales and service business for 4 years and I found myself truly enjoying this business. However, I did not want to miss out watching my children growing, but at the same time, we needed to work to sustain the family. I asked myself if there could be a middle ground between business and quality family life with our children. Finally I found a positive answer for myself - building my own RV wonderland that offers fun time for mine and every family! Ever since the idea came to mind, I have been working hard in the past 5 years to gather information, accumulate business experience and obtain social resources. Luckily, in this beautiful spring of 2017, I was able to put everything together and start making my dream come true.


I wish to tailor this park to be a recreational business concept combining with nature camping, RV resort, healthy leisure life style and family-oriented activities. The complete design features green energy that covers not only traditional RV camping, but also the modern concept of personal health management.


It is not easy to make dreams come true. However, I believe that as long as you never give up and work hard on it, there is nothing in this world that can stop it from happening. Here we go, sharing with you, our home and our dream RV wonderland.

Wild Flowers
Our Mission

•  Promote Happy, Healthy, and Green camping concept to campers and local families;

•  Demonstrate Green business and Green energy to campers and local communities;

•  Provide quality entertainment facilities and accessible natural experiences to local and oversea tourists;

•  Educate local youth in green business opportunities by offering job opportunities to practice and learn more skills;

•  Grow our business into a nation wide “RV Wonderland” where customers can discover Happiness, Health, Green life style opportunities from coast to coast.

Our Vision

Breezy Petals Camping Resort aspires to be the Five Star camping destination of choice, offering comprehensive  camping and healthy lifestyle amenities. We will provide an unparalleled customer experience at a full-service camping park built for today’s eco-conscious and experience seeking consumer. Our inaugural location in East Hants, Nova Scotia, will be the flagship to inspire national franchises across Canada, which will distribute our Happy, Healthy, and Green camping concept to customers from Coast to Coast.

Being a Green Business

Conducting a 100% environment friendly camping park is the fundamental concept of our business structure. Luckily, as Nova Scotians, we enjoy the beautiful nature here everyday from our mother earth. As our appreciation, we would like to put our best effort to take care of this precious present. We use wind and solar energy to generate power; we plant various flowers and trees to decorate our park; we build bird heaven to make a stop for our little friends......we believe that just through a little effort from everyone, we will be able to make a difference!