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Breezy Petals Camping Resort is a family oriented campground offering tenting, RVing, glamping as well as fun outdoor activities and music events.

Our mission is to build a camping wonderland, where families and friends can discover true happiness, health and  green lifestyle. Here you can forget all of your stress, just enjoy the great nature by listening birds singing, watching beaver swimming, discovering the secret from deep woods, observing starlight with telescope at night, relaxing your body with yoga by the dome..... So much more you could do.

Come and join us, let's have some fun together!

Wild Flowers

Being a Green Business

Conducting a 100% environment friendly camping park is the fundamental concept of our business structure. Luckily, as Nova Scotians, we enjoy the beautiful nature here everyday from our mother earth. As our appreciation, we would like to put our best effort to take care of this precious present. We use wind and solar energy to generate power; we plant various flowers and trees to decorate our park; we build bird heaven to make a stop for our little friends......we believe that just through a little effort from everyone, we will be able to make a difference!

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