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1.  Campsite and Rental Room Booking 

  • Customers can reserve available sites through our online booking system, email, or telephone. Full payment is required upon reservation. Please check the availability before confirming your reservation. Contact us if you don’t receive the email confirmation for your reservation within 24 hours.

  • One person only can reserve one campsite at once. We do not accept multiple reservations by one person.


2.  Reschedule, Cancellation and Refund

  • Rescheduling and cancellation requests can only be submitted through email with a written request.

  • If the cancellation request is submitted 7 days before the scheduled date, the fee will be refunded. However, $20 will be charged as a cancellation processing fee.

  • If the cancellation request is submitted less than 7 days before the scheduled date, the fee will not be refunded.

  • If the customer needs to reschedule the date 7 days before the actual date, a $20 processing fee applies.

  • If the customer needs to reschedule the date less than 7 days before the scheduled date, the fee will not be refunded.

  • For the customer who is not able to arrive/use the reserved site, the fee will not be refunded.


3. Check in and check out

  • Check-in time will be 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm daily.

  • If guests require a late check-in please note on reservation and we will send self-check-in instructions on the check-in time for your convenience.

  • Check-out time will be 11:00 a.m. daily.

  • For customer who checks out later than 12:00pm daily, a daily site/room fee will be charged.


4. Quiet Time and Campfire

  • Quiet time: Sunday to Thursday 10:00 pm – 8:00 am; Friday and Saturday 11:00 am - 9:00 am

  • Nobody is permitted to use the generator, play music outdoor, leave vehicle running, or any other behavior that may disturb other customers’ rest during quiet time.

  • A noise complaint may lead to a warning or be ordered to leave if the complaint continues

  • Campfire only can be used in the fire pits. All campfire has to be out during quiet time.


5. Campsite and Park maintenance

  • Customer is responsible for the maintenance of the campsite during their stay.

  • Please keep your campsite tidy and keep your personal belongings in a safe place.

  • Divide the garage and recycling bottles to the certain dumpster;

  • Please do not cut and trim trees. If needed, please contact campground maintenance staff.

  • Please do not pick flowers, fruits, and branches in the park. 

7. Playgrounds and Recreational dome

  • Children under 7 years old should be always accompanied by adults.

  • The customer is entirely accountable for ensuring the safety of their children and is kindly requested to tidy up after playtime with toys or the use of our facilities.

  • No child is allowed to be outside of their campsite by themselves after dusk


8. Electronics

  • Customers can use small electronics in the dome, such as cell phones, tablets and laptop.

  • An appliance that demands more than 1000w can NOT be operated under our solar power system.

  • Electrical grill and cooker are prohibited to be used in the dome. 


9. Pets

  • All pets in the park must be on a leash.

  • Dome rental customers must be responsible for their pet not creating damage to our dome, furniture, and linens.

  • Pets are permitted inside the dome; however, we kindly request that pets refrain from accessing the bed or chairs. Any damage to the fabric will result in charges against your deposit. 

  • Owner must clean up after their pets in order to keep the campground clean and everyone can enjoy it.

  • Owner should make sure his/her pet also comply with the park regulation in the quiet time.

  • For their safety, please do not leave the pet in vehicle/RV,  or dome unattended.


10. Dumping station 

  • Customers who use dumping station are required to use a sewer adapter

  • Clean the dumping connection and cover it after dumping

  • RV/Car Wash at dumping station is prohibited. The violator will be charged a $50 fine.

11. Smoking and Alcohol

  • Breezy Petals is a campground promoting green healthy lifestyle. Customer may smoke in their own campsite but are NOT permitted to smoke in the rental trailer, dome or any public area.

  • Any form of Cannabis is strictly forbidden to be smoked/taken in the campground.

  • Any drink with alcohol is only allowed to be on the customer’s own site. Any improper behavior caused by drinking issue will be subjected to a warning; the customer who still shows improper behavior will be ordered to leave immediately.

  • The violator will be ordered to leave immediately.

12. Car, Bike, and other personal vehicles

  • The speed limit in the park is 10km/h.

  • All bikers should wear helmets and not perform dangerous skills

  • Every campsite only allows one passenger car. please park extra vehicles in front public parking lot.

  • All customers should park their vehicles at the designated parking area.

13. Visitors

  • All visitors must register at the reception.

  • Visitors will be charged $5 for a day visit. No overnight stay without permission from the management.

  • Visiting time is 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. All visitors with daily entry have to leave before 9:00 pm.

  • Visitor who doesn’t comply with the campground regulations will be ordered to leave.

14. Disclaimer


Breezy Petal Camping Resort Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen property. We will not take any responsibility for the use of our facilities. All use is completely customers’ sole responsibility and at their own risk. All injuries or illnesses that happen to visitors will be the host’s responsibility and have nothing to do with Breezy Petals.


Please advise, our camping resort is in a highly treed area. You may experience wildlife, insects, and live plants.


Please understand the policy is established to ensure that everyone can experience a pleasant camping time. Any violation or improper behavior will not be accepted and will result in dismissal and a fine. We reserve the right to review, amend, and explain all the rules and regulations.

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